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Making Goals and Making Them SMART

You are at point A and want to get to point B.  Is the distance too far, too many barriers in the way, a wish without a plan?  Effective goal setting can help with breaking a path into steps, and help in taking that first elusive step.  After all, each journey, no...

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Dr. Miller’s Plan for Entrepreneurs, The “Five P’s”

Dr. Miller has assisted many an entrepreneur, investor, and technology during his illustrious career as medical doctor, analyst, trader, investor, CEO, and so on and so forth beyond my memory. Dr. Miller provided San Diego startups with a simple 4 point distillate of...

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“Engage Brain Before Mouth”

-Brig. Gen. Raymond C. Preston, Jr., USAF (Retired) aka “Dear Olde Dad” When can you begin your marketing, advertising, and perhaps brag about your efforts as to new technologies and other protectable endeavors progress? Simply put, after initial filings are made for...

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